Our solution

Our solution.

Peasy is a cloud solution that permits you to generate print jobs wherever you are and collect your printouts at any Peasy enabled device that has connection permissions to your print environment.

Immediately after you send a print job it’s received by the Peasy cloud server, where it’s converted into printer language and stored until you want to collect it.

When it’s time to print your document, you go to the nearest Peasy enabled printer with your personal authentication on your smartphone.

Use your smartphone to authenticate and interface in one go!

Open the Peasy app and scan the QR code on the printer. This will tell the Peasy cloud server which printer you will use. Choose the document from the app’s job list to be sent directly from the Peasy cloud server to the printer. All the information regarding the print job and the user is stored for reporting purposes.

When you need to scan a document and send it to yourself, you can use the same app to interface with the multifunctional options.

Finally, you can also use the app to send an alert to the printer fleet manager when you detect a malfunctioning device. From the cloud, straight to your hands.

Print Infrastructure service

Print from any device

Authenticate and collect at any connected printer

Scan to yourself from any connected multifunctional device

Registration and reporting

peasy. as simple as 1. 2. 3.

We’ve made it look simple and it is, but behind the scenes we’re applying the latest print technologies and the most innovative cloud infrastructure possible to ensure a flawless and most of all: secure service on which you can rely.