90% of people only use 10% of the functionalities

The Logic of peasy.

90% of people only use 10% of the functionalities on their devices because the programming is so complicated and tedious.

We believe that less is more

Anyone who’s ever had a close look at a brochure for one of those multifunctional printers knows that the capabilities of those devices are simply amazing. They have a decent PC on board with touch screen, hard disk, network controller and everything you could imagine. All with a state of the art operating system that can fax, email, scan, print, copy, OCR, make booklets, sort pages and probably even fry pancakes. It’s no wonder that these machines cost the same as a small car. Still, if you want something really special, like a secure management of the way users can print documents and track the way colleagues use the devices, you’ll need additional, server-based software.

Printing is a disappearing commodity. Still important, but not enough to spend a fortune on.

So, if you take this expensive printing device, multiply by the quantity your company needs, add the print management software, the card readers, the IT-infrastructure needed for the print environment and the human resources needed to keep everything up and running, you end up with a substantial cost of ownership for a commodity like printing.

100 years experience

We at Peasy have over 100 years of cumulated printer software experience. We applied our knowledge and expertise to develop a cloud product that replaces the infrastructure mentioned above and simplifies printing into a cloud-based service. The only things you need to arrange are the printing devices and their consumables. Keep them simple. We won’t ask too much of them.

Saasbox end point!

Saasbox facilitates a major part of the printer’s interfacing software into the cloud, thus moving personal settings and preferences away from the device itself and leaving it a generic apparatus, ready to be shared by anyone and operated from everyone’s own smartphone.

The Saasbox founding partners have been developing, selling and integrating software for office print equipment like print management, fleet management, output management and scan solutions since the late 1980s. After years of working with hardware vendors like HP, Xerox or Samsung we believe that the time for a new, user-oriented era has come because in reality the user is the real customer.

made easy.