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Printing has never been so easy, cost efficient and flexible.

Peasy replaces your print IT infrastructure, your print management solution and device embedded interfacing software with an easy-to-use personalised cloud solution all in one go!

With Peasy you can:
Connect any office printer, just by sticking a
unique Peasy QR code on it
Authenticate and collect at any connected printer
Pay monthly per user

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Peasy. as simple as 1. 2. 3.

The peasy way.

Peasy combines all the advantages of a print infrastructure service with every available measure to guarantee the security and privacy of your information. You control it all in the palm of your hand with your smartphone. 

Simple to use
Low cost


Peasy prices.

Our prices are scalable, flexible and economical. Based on per user, per month.

As the whole website is about how easy our solution is, we would go for a similar message also for pricing. “Easy printing, easy pricing”, adding the fact that you can choose the kind of subscription, according to your needs.

Peasy Savings.

Peasy will decrease the total cost of ownership of your print facilities.

We understand that replacing your print IT infrastructure for a cloud solution feels like a giant step. Allow us to help you get over the hump.


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